my design was used as the cover for the 77th edition of sPARKLE & bLINK.  you can read it and watch the performance at the cushing memorial-mountain theater here.  


my short story, "swan dive," was published in the 70th edition of sPARKLE & bLINK.  you can read it and watch a performance of it at the six year anniversary of quiet lightning at smash gallery in san francisco here.  or you can read and watch on lewnar_eclipse.  cover art is by michelle brandemuehl.




i'm glad to see you have arrived safely

this is an introductory message written by me, matthew lewandowski, a.k.a. matt, a.k.a. lewnar_eclipse, at a certain time on a certain date in the past.  i'm an artist based in Paris, France, formerly from San Francisco, CA, USA.  i work with oil paints, collage materials, cameras, digital prints, digital files, beeswax, my mind, light, etc. and i often mix them all together.  my main goal is to bring beautiful things (visual, conceptual, emotional) into the world.  i encourage you to look through my website and discover something new.